Monday, April 8, 2013

Pyrex Primary Mixing Bowl Set ... Again!

Hello Friends and Followers!  Sorry to have been away from you for so long! Don't worry - I have been Pyrexing...

Who doesn't love the PPMBS, aka the Pyrex Primary Mixing Bowl set? I have reunited a couple sets in the past and snagged these bowls off craigslist for $25.

The seller had a brown 401 instead of the blue but I still thought the great condition made it worthwhile. In fact, this is the shiniest red bowl I had ever seen. Usually the reds are dull and scratched up. I wonder why? I noticed this on the fridgies as well.

My favourite of these primary colours is definitely the green. Unfortunately of this set, the green bowl is the most scratched up.

Lately I have been buying and reselling a lot of my vintage Pyrex finds. I think I am too attached to my faves to let those go, so I have to cycle out the fresher goods. The thirst out there for Pyrex remains strong! I have found a lot of Pyrex Collectors locally.

I feel a little bad adding to the trend of increasing prices but I still think I price my selling Pyrex pretty low. Have you all be downsizing your collections too?


  1. Wow, that red bowl is shiny! I have been downsizing somewhat. I have been selling the items that I have duplicates of. Now lets keep fingers crossed that I don't break something and not have a backup because I sold it!

    Glad to hear that you are back:-)


  2. I have only been collecting Pyrex for about 6 months. I got turned on to these lovelies by inheriting my husband's grandmother's gorgeous collection of several Pyrex, Fire King, and Anchor Hocking's blue cornflower. I fell hard, real hard for these beauties! I have two of the bowls form the primary set, the green and the yellow, so I am on the lookout for the red and blue. I have already thrifted 2 new pieces to add to the collection. Two of the cake pans are peach colored and have a luster to them but I don't see those very often on blogs. I have really enjoed looking at all your finds and it helps me to learn about the patterns and what was available. Thank you from a new pyrex-hunter!

  3. Love the PPMBS! I'm on the lookout for the green and the yellow to complete my set. It's amazing how much interest there is in Pyrex these days.

  4. I really like your primary color Pyrex bowls. They look so clean with their solid colors. I also love some of the fridgies you've shared with us. Unfortunately, I don't find a whole lot of those, only one, which I sold on eBay.

  5. Love the Primary bowls sets!

    Anonymous left some really funky comments...

    be well my thrifty friend!

  6. I have been selling a lot of my Pyrex too! When we moved house I realised I had WAY too much!

  7. I have been selling my excess Pyrex in my antique booth. It's my best seller right now! I don't really feel too bad about charging "antique store prices" because I put a lot of time and energy into finding the Pyrex in the first place. It's good to make a couple bucks on it instead of spending for a change!

  8. Cool how they are stacked to photograph so well!


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