Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pyrex Horizon Blue Fridgie

With the upcoming move and all, I'm trying to figure out which items I should bring with me, do without, or purchase a duplicate of.

I am quite fond of my trusty yellow 503 fridgie dish from my Pyrex Primary Score a couple years back. I still can't believe we drove 20 miles / 30km to a barn in nowheresville to pick these goodies up. Anyhoo, it's become an essential piece in my kitchen. I bake brownies and banana bread in it, marinade chicken, and even mix up small salads in this piece.

I found a craigslist ad for the Horizon Blue fridgie of the same size, no lid, for $10. I thought the price was a bit high but talked the seller down to $8 and purchased it. Incidentally, at the crazy barn sale I mentioned above, the seller threw in 2 extra 503 fridgie lids for me, and now I have a little guy to match it up.

Don't you just love this blue floral art deco pattern? The piece is in perfect condition, and I love the way the white milk glass sets off the print. The Horizon Blue is my third piece of this size. I know this sounds silly, but my Pyrex Aqua Fridgie set is one of the hands-off sets in my house. I can't bear to use it since it's in such perfect condition!

Do you have a favourite Pyrex size or piece that's a work horse in your kitchen?


  1. haha I don't blame you for saying "keep off"! On the aqua fridgies! I'd kill for that set! :)
    My primary mixing bowls are MINT. Don't know if I should start using them or not! LOL

  2. Every morning at breakfast, I use the smallest size of fridgie, for fruit. I rotate between different ones! Love them!

  3. i love the littlest fridgies for left overs. i also use a butterprint casserole (medium sized) to hold blue berries all summer.

  4. I should start using my pyrex until they sell...but I'm a little worried my clumsy self will break them!


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