Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pyrex Delphite Casserole with Lid!

With all the vintage Pyrex I have accumulated, would it surprise you to hear that I just recently bought my first piece off eBay this month?

You might remember that I scored the bottom dish part of the prized Delphite Casserole dish at Value Village over two years ago for a mere five bucks. I used it in my garden to help me grow garlic and for a whole bunch of other things, like as a popcorn dish.

I've been waiting patiently for an opportunity to buy the lid and finally found one well priced on eBay. I was very nervous about it arriving in one piece, but as you can see, the seller packed the box full of peanuts and used plenty of bubble wrap.

I was pretty thrilled to see that beautiful blue colour peeking through the plastic.

Look at how that gorgeous lid fits on my piece! I scored the lid for $10 and the shipping was reasonably priced as well. I have seen this set sell for around $100 on the same auction site.

I'm so glad to have reunited these pieces, and so relieved about my first eBay Pyrex Purchase success!


  1. Wow- what a good deal! Aren't some of those prices crazy? When you are looking for something specific, though, it does help to scan often and hold out for a good price. So glad your treasure got to you in one piece!

  2. Hey that is awesome! See patiences pays off. Love the color, I think I like the blue better than the jadeite green.

  3. Re-united and it feels so good!

    Lovely piece. Great packing from the seller.

  4. I found my first piece of delphite at goodwill two weeks ago. A lidless fridgie. Blue beauty for 2.99. Now just to find the lid! What a great casserole dish, even better now that it is complete!

  5. oooh, Six, this is awesome! I never seen it before.

  6. Awesome! I love it when pieces are reunited!

  7. What a beautiful pair -your casserole and lid! I love playing matchmaker for deserving pyrex. Ebay can be a very useful agency in such matters and your patience really paid off in waiting for the right price.

  8. I'm a major eBay lurker, but don't often make purchases... The shipping to Canada is usually a pretty good deterrent.


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