Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ghirardelli Brownies in Pyrex!

Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I have to share some photos with you of some yummy and easy brownies we like to make at home.

You can see from the photo above that I like to use my workhorse Pyrex pieces - the yellow Fridgie and raised lettering measuring cup.  We don't normally have dessert or cake mixes in the house, but when we stumbled upon this one, we figured we had a winner.

We love making this with our nieces because you basically add in the wet ingredients and mix! Kids seem to love mixing...  The brownie mix is made by Ghirardelli, which makes some pretty rich and tasty chocolate goods. They call this mix Triple Chocolate, and it's actually crammed with little choco chips too.

The best part about the brownies is the nice crust that develops after baking. Yum!

Of course I have to serve these on Pyrex too, namely my beautiful Delphite side plate. Mmm, I love the corner piece.

FYI this is not a sponsored post or anything, I just really enjoy these brownies and wanted to share my Pyrex in Action!

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  1. We love that mix, too! Even better in (and ON!) Pyrex!

  2. That mix looks so good! I will have to use my big fridgie for brownies for sure! Great idea and perfect size! Hugs, Linda

  3. Since I do not cook much anymore, I will just have a big sample of yours.

  4. May have to make my next batch in some pyrex!
    My girlfriends at work all the suddenn are all pyrex crazy! they have me on the hunt for them.

  5. Well, I love brownies and pyrex so I'm a very happy camper!

    I was given a gift of the pyrex set of yellow, yellow orange and orange small lidded casseroles, nearly forty years ago YIKES! Sadly I only have two of them left but I love them so.

    Happy VTT!

  6. I can't wait to make these again! They go fast in our house. =)

  7. Yep, always good to see Pyrex in action! :)

  8. Fun! I love using my vintage dishes in the kitchen.

  9. Well I'm sure glad that someone did this post! These are my absolute favorite brownies! A couple weeks ago I finally found the PYREX Pink Square Baking dish that will now be my pan for these brownies!
    PYREX + BROWNIES= perfection!...we think alike!


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