Saturday, August 13, 2011

Laurentian Art Pottery Pieces

Hello Everyone! Thank you for continuing to read in spite of my blogging absence. Summer has been great so far and I've been distracted by road trips, and free time in the garden. I have such a backlog of thrifty finds though, that I promise to get back on the horse!

First up is this trio of Canadian pottery dishes. I first read about Laurentian Art Pottery, or Poterie Laurentienne, from Erin's Blog Yard Sale Snoop. She shared a great find with a distinctive marking on the underside. While out thrifting one day, I came across a similar logo on these dishes.

I enjoy using these types of dishes for garlic prawns with cheese melted over them. The depth of the holes on these dishes, and their French Canadian heritage, make me think that perhaps they were intended for escargot. I'm not quite adventurous enough to taste snails anytime soon though!

At a dollar a dish for these pieces, I think these were a great value. When I first picked them up, I felt that they were really good quality and the markings underneath confirmed it. I understand the company was in business between 1939-2005, but I wonder how old these ones are!

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  1. You should try snails with garlic butter they are delicious and since they come from a can you never see the shell reminding you it's a snail!

    Oh and don't forget the crusty baguette!

    I love Laurentian Pottery, it's important to enyou and learn about local everyday history.

  2. Hmm, well, I suppose you never know! I used to think that oysters were off limits and now I eat them...

    It's always fun to learn a bit about Canadian history. And Mmmm, crusty baguettes!

  3. There an interesting shape! I don't think I could do the snails but garlic prawns are delicious!

    E :)

  4. COOL!!! Wouldn't they look so sweet with colored eggs in them at Easter time!

    The Joyful thrifter

  5. garlic prawns with cheese sounds delicious right about now. Great find!

  6. Haha, next time I make garlic prawns I better take some photos and post them here. :)

    I agree that the eggs would add a zip of colour though!

  7. We had a couple of these (not as nice!). My husband liked the escargots but I couldn't bear the thought - I would put stuffed mushrooms in mine.

    I am very interested in Canadian pottery. I don't know a lot but find I am always learning something new!

  8. I just thought about putting deviled eggs in those. Though I would want to eat more than six! I just love deviled eggs!


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