Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vintage Bally Peep Toe Pumps

After all of your comments on the missed-out $13 Manolo Blahnik's, I have remained on the shoe lookout while thrifting. I was digging around at the local church basement when I came upon a beautiful pair of vintage Bally peep toe pumps.

The colour blocking of taupe and black was what originally caught my eye, and when I pulled them out for closer inspection, I saw that they were a great looking pair of shoes! The condition is quite good, and the "Bally Canada" tag on the insole is clean and clear. There is a nice fan-shaped detail just above the peep toe.

The interior and exterior sides of the shoe are different colours. I think they are a classic looking pair of shoes, but not in a fuddy duddy sort of way.

I always find that the leather soles are always a good indicator of a shoe's quality. These are marked "Cuir Veritable - Geniune Leather" on the underside. Bally has long been known for making quality shoes, and these shoes are still in great shape. I do wonder how old these shoes are, and why the lady who owned them didn't wear them more often!  I should mention that this church thrift sale is based in quite a nice part of town...

Believe it or not, the shoes were actually a perfect fit for me, and the price tag said $5. I'm not a regular wearer of heels, but how could I turn them down?

I hope everyone had a great weekend thrifting! Linking up to Thrift Share Monday!


  1. They are lovely, you're right - really classic. I also got a pair of black and white midi heels recently, Versace, but they cost a fair bit more than $5! Still, I love them, and they fit well, so worth it when you consider the original cost! Will photograph them later today. No pyrex today? ;-)

  2. ooooh loving those shoes!! What a steal at $5! Lucky you Scarlett x

  3. Lovely! They have a Chanel sort of classic look about them. You can't beat $5 for leather shoes!

  4. Those pumps are really amazing. They are really timeless...what a great excuse to get all dolled up!

  5. You know what, you and I cant go thrifting together because we have similar taste. I love pyrex, teak wood, griswold skillet, charlie brown, vintage wooden hangers, cornflower corning and that green grater tupperware. I own most everything you showed in your blog here, all are thrifted like yours. And I prefer canon more than nikon. I really envy that velvet chair, though. I am going to look for it on my next trip to Salv.Army.

    Thanks for stopping by in my blog.


  6. The ridiculous thing was that this same church basement had a sale the next week with all shoes going for a dollar. Can you believe it!? No vintage Ballys this time around though. :)

    I did make a great Pyrex find recently and I'll be posting about it this week, Lakota!

    adimpleate, yes, good thing we don't live in the same City! ;)

  7. Lovely shoes.

    Just had a good rummage round your blog. Adore your pyrex and love that little Danish teak bird. I'll definitely be back for more drooling!

  8. I love the little fan detail at the top! How awesome that they were your size- shoes are so hit and miss!

  9. I love how they are classic but hip, and the heel is a totally wearable height! treasure!!


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